St Michael’s Mount Guidebook

Guiding Visitors Around an Iconic Location

St Michael's Mount

Print, Packaging, Signage, Design for Print

  • Featured publication by Howard Smith Paper and issued to their reps to demonstrate the specified papers used
  • 2 Editions printed
  • Stock stored in secure location and deliveries organised when needed
  • Print specification by thstudio
  • Print managed & delivered on time and on budget
  • 200,000 copies printed and retailed for £5 per copy ROI figures available on request
  • Project Managed and timelines adhered to
  • Printed in Cornwall
  • Photography supplied & existing photography commissioned within budget
  • Printed using FSC accredited papers with attention given to environmental impact
  • Pages designed to provide a two level read – a tour guide to use on site and a further more detailed read when off site.

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